Lesson Plan


Here is an example of a SDAIE Lesson Plan, I created with two colleagues that a Special Education teacher might use when teaching farm animals to Down Syndrome students in Kindergarten.

Subject: Language Arts

Central Focus: Farm Animals

Grade Level: Kindergarten Special Education Students
State Specific Goal(s) and Objective(s) for the Lesson:
Goal(s):  Students will understand what kind of animals are found on a farm by sound and images
Objective(s): students will be able to identify different species of animals found on a farm

Pre-Assessments connecting to Prior knowledge/Prior learning:
  • Student will have learned the song Down on Grandpa’s Farm
  • Students will have prior knowledge of farm animals
Identified Academic language to be addressed:
  • Farm
  • Cow
  • Pig
  • Horse
  • Chicken
Learner Characteristics:
Special Needs: yes
English Language learner: yes

Teaching Techniques:
  • repeated instruction (“Down on Grandpa’s Farm”)
  • collaboration with peers (puzzle)
  • visual aids (story book and animal pictures)
  • hands-on (puzzle, animal card and bingo)

Lesson Delivery:

a. Introduction-Connection of Content to Previous Learning:
    • Teacher will tell students, “today we are going to learn about animal found on a farm. These will be some of the same animals that are found on Grandpa’s farm!’”
    • Teacher will ask the students, “will you all sing “Down on Grandpa’s with us?” and the students and teachers will sing along to the familiar song.

b. Instruction
    • Teacher will read a story aloud to class. As story is being read, aides will put up a picture of an animal (pig, horse, chicken, cow) from the story onto the blackboard.  
    • Aides will then hand out an animal card to each student while teacher explains what the aides are doing

c. Assessments
    • Teachers will point to an animal on the blackboard, ask the class what animal this is and what sound it makes, and then ask students to come up if animal on their card matches the picture of the animal on the board.
    • Teachers will then ask students to get together according to their animal (pig, chicken,   horse, cow)
    • Each animal group will work together on a puzzle (aides will be walking around the class to ensure students know which animal is which)

d. Closure
    • Teacher will ask, “do you all now know some animals found on a farm?”
    • Students will play a game of animal bingo