Resources for Parents


There's evidence according to the medicine dictionary online, that prognosis of a baby being born in the early 2000's with Down Syndrome is better than ever before.  This is in direct correlation with the development of modern medical treatments, such as antibiotics to treat infections, and surgery to treat any existing heart defects.  Due to these current modern developments, life expectancy and quality of life has greatly increased for individuals with Down Syndrome.

Community and family support allows individuals affected by Down Syndrome to be surrounded with rich, meaningful relationships.  There are programs and services available to your children, that help them gain their independence, by providing them with life skills, and job training.  

The links below provide different activities and organizations that provide services to individuals with special needs, as well as support for parents.  

Best Buddies : Founded by Anthony Shriver

Special Olympics : Founded by Eunice Kennedy Shriver

Weight Management Issues with DS

HealthKids for Parents